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Dental x-ray
Complimentary Services

Denture, Mouth Guard and Sport Mouth Guard Cleanings

  • ​​We offer free professional cleanings of these guards during your appointment.

  • We will remind you to bring them at your 2 day reminder call or email.

Convenient Appointment Times & Parking

  • ​​We offer flexibility and have extended hours; evenings and weekends in order to better assist your needs.

  • Parking is free at Solo. We have a back parking lot available first come first serve to our patients. There is also paid street parking available.​

Dentist Referrals

  • ​​We will collaborate with your dentist or one of our referring dentists if needed. 

Local Anesthesia

  • ​​Solo has licensed professionals who have obtained this skill. Having local anesthesia during a cleaning for some patients can be necessary and at times bring relief from discomfort.

  • If not contraindicated due to health history it can be done if the patient or hygienist requests it.​

Hot & Cold Beverages & Hot Towel Service

  • ​​Solo has an assortment of hot beverages and cool flavored water for your enjoyment.

  • After your dental appointment, you will receive a single use hot towel to freshen up with.

  • These are the small ways we help make you feel valued and comfortable at Solo.

Cosmentic  & Spa Services
  • ​​This removes the last layer of plaque and environmental surface stain resulting in a pleasing smile. It is not the same as tooth whitening.​

In Office Whitening

  • ​​Wicked White  is a LED light used in a 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions to achieve 4-12 shades lighter. We have completed over 3000+ sessions with predictable, fantatic reults.

  • Eligibility for this procedure depends on patient's oral health and recommendation of your dental hygienist. This is done after scaling is completed.

Take Home Whitening

  • ​​For optimum results the teeth should be cleaned of tartar and plaque/stain first.

  • The take home system includes whitening tubes with instructions.

Herbal Eye Treatments

  • ​​ Refreshing & soothing herbal eye pads are  worn during the polish portion of the dental hygiene appointment.​

Paraffin Wax Hand Treatments


  • This is a single use wax treatment for the hands and is done while your teeth are being cleaned. It is infused with aromatherapy and essential oils. The heat from the wax allows the hand pores to open and the skin becomes soft for days.

Soothing Spa Setting

  • ​​The whole vision for the dental hygiene spa was to have an inviting setting that was comforting to patients. We have a warm setting, soothing aromatherapy smells and spa music.


Fresh Fruit (seasonal April-August)

  • Fresh fruit is available after your appointment for you to enjoy. This is one way we promote healthy smiles.


Slipper Service

  • We also offer laundered slipper service while in the spa to make your feet more comfortable and add to the relaxing experience at Solo, The Dental Hygiene Spa.

Tooth Jewel Placement

  • A clear crystal is glued onto the tooth the patient desires, Typically the upper lateral or canine teeth.


Preventative Services

​Oral Assessments

  • ​​We do a comprehensive exam of the extra oral (outside of the mouth) head and neck areas as well as intra oral (inside mouth)

  • We chart all existing dental work as well as oral condition of tissues and gums.

Oral Cancer Screenings

  • A comprehensive health history review and examination involving checking head and neck for abnormalities.

  • Screening for cancer is done each new patient appointment and documenting any findings.


  • ​The mechanical removal of tartar and plaque using hand instruments and ultrasonic scalers to prevent gum disease and gingivitis.​

Root Planing

  • ​The removal of tartar and plaque on the curves of the roots of the teeth. A special technique and knowledge of root anatomy is required.


  • Fluoride has been proven to slow down and prevent decay as well as aid in tooth sensitivity and help with the tooth re-mineralization process.

Desensitizing Agents

  • ​​Applying topical agents will provide relief to patients from everyday pain and sensitivity.​

Preventive Sealants for Children

  • ​A cost effective way to prevent tooth decay on the biting surface of your teeth.

  • A thin liquid coating is placed in the grooves of your teeth, and then sealed. This prevents food and bacteria from inhabiting those grooves and starting decay.

Oral Hygiene Instruction

  • ​Each patient will receive a demonstration on how to use dental aids  along with recommendations on which ones work best in their mouth to assist them in achieving healthier gums.​

Subgingival Irrigation

  • ​We gently flush warm medicated antimicrobial rinse under the gums to remove bacteria and allow the healing process to begin.​

Laser Bacterial Reduction

  • A soft tissue laser is used in the gum sulcus to reduce the bacteria causing gum disease and inflammation. This is an adjunctive tool the hygienist uses to manage bleeding and bacteria under the gums.                             

MI Paste Treatment

  • MI paste is designed to remineralize teeth and reduce the appearance of white or brown spots on the teeth. 

Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatment (SDF)

  • This applied solution is proven to arrest decay in specific areas with two-three applications by stopping the progression of bacteria.


  • A convential x-ray is taken and deveoped to see if decay or infection is present. The x-ray also so evidence of boneloss and tarter under the gums.

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