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"If Melissa hasn't cleaned your teeth yet, what are you waiting for? I've switched from my family to her dental practice over 12 years ago and I am still going there. I love Melissa's dedication to making everyone feel like more than another patient, her passion for teeth (weird but true), and her honesty. Her rates are below market, and the atmosphere at SOLO is unique, and very different from other dental offices. You can see that from the pictures on SOLO's website."

Thanks, Melissa! Good luck!
                                                                  -David S.

"This is the best experience you could have at the Dentist - Melissa was caring and took the time to explain each step as well as keep me entertained with all the travel stories.

I'm looking forward to coming back!"

                                                                               -James W.


"Solo is the place to go in Calgary for all of your dental hygiene needs. The staff is professional, thorough, and well-equipped to clean, whiten, and examine your teeth and mouth as well as much more. The atmosphere of the spa is inviting and comfortable"


                                                                    -Laurie S.

"Never before have I been to a place where every tooth mattered, and was cared for. Melissa took her time with each tooth and informed me about my overall oral health. In her chair, you're much more than just 'another client.' I highly recommend you give Solo a try. Plus, you get to wear slippers :)


                                                                                            -Jordan R.

"BEST CLEANING EVER! Melissa has found a lifetime client in me!!! Professional, relaxing and spa-like experience. FIVE STARS!!!!"

                                                                    -Leanne D.

"I really like Solo - the service is excellent, much is more serene and spa like than a Dentist office, and cheaper! I have gone twice now for teeth whitening and have really enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere, comfy chair and the results!"

                                                          -Helen W.

"Melissa is brilliant. My boyfriend and I went for teeth whitening, and she took care and explained everything she was doing (first-timers) in a easy manner. Our teeth look amazing now!"

                                                                           -Sarah C.

"I have extremely sensitive teeth and was a little nervous to try this treatment,  but I shouldn't have been.   The staff was very knowledgeable and well informed and able to answer all my questions.  The procedure itself was enjoyable - yes....that's not a typo, it was enjoyable.  I laid in a quiet room with soft music playing, cucumber patches over my eyes for 45 minutes while my teeth were whitened.  It was very relaxing!   Afterwards, I was sent home with some additional whitening product as part of the package which was yet another way Solo went above and beyond my expectations.   Best of all - NO sensitivity.  If you're thinking about having your teeth whitened but are a little apprehensive, don't be - go check out this place.  You'll be glad you did" :)

                                                                      -Laura C.

"The staff were amazing! So friendly, clean environment! I will definitely be back!"

                                                            -Melinda D.

"Melissa is so friendly and kind and she does a thorough job of teeth cleaning. She has a lovely office all decorated with trinkets from Paris, her favourite city. My husband and I are Melissa's patients for years now and we also consider her our friend."

                                                                 -Maureen B.

"There is a reason Solo has 132+ 5 Star reviews, Melissa puts her patient's first and her excellent work is an added bonus. It was my second time there and I am definitely coming back".

                -Aaron S

"I thank my friend Deena for referring me to Melissa who is a great dental hygienist. She is well versed, thorough, and orderly. She's also very friendly and accommodating. She always makes you feel comfortable in her neat and tidy spa-ambience office. Sarah the receptionist was very kind and pleasant. I definitely recommend Solo, The Dental Hygiene Spa. Cheers to continued success!"


                                                                           -Pam P.

"I visited Solo Dental Hygiene for teeth whitening. Melissa Parcels was such a lovely person. She told me all that was going to happen. I hadn't had my teeth whitened before and she explained everything in such a lovely clear manner. I am more than happy at the service that I received and my teeth look AMAZING !! I was worried they were either not going to be white enough or too white. Melissa got it just right ! Absolutely perfect ! I will definitely visit here again even though I live in Canmore and it's a fair drive out to Calgary."

                                                                     -Susan G.

"Excellent place - highly recommend."


                                                         -Aaron D.



"What a great place to get a cleaning done! Super friendly, nice atmosphere, relaxing music & aromatherapy. The whitening didn't make my teeth sensitive at all. I will definitely be back!"

                                                                        -Patty B.

"Time spent at solo was unforgettable. This place is like a home and Melissa takes good care of you at Solo. Madeline was so welcoming. I had my dental cleaning here and it was such an outstanding experience. I highly recommend it". 

                                               -Sarabjeet S.

"This was great! My teeth are definitely whiter - but not Ross from Friends blindingly white. The process was painless and relaxing. I was a bit worried because I have very sensitive teeth, but I had no issues during or after. Highly recommended - I'll be back!"


                                                                      -Michelle H.

"Melissa is very friendly, competent and professional. She runs a good operation and I love her attention to detail including hygiene and sterilization practices. She is informative and educates her clients on all things that relate to and affect our dental health. Comparatively speaking, her fees for service are reasonable, and she avoids recommending unnecessary dental work. I would highly recommend her services, and I for one will continue to visit The Dental Hygiene Spa for my dental maintenance needs."

                                                                       -Pat R.

"Very satisfied with the whitening results!"

                                                  -Bob C.

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